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About us

Our aim

We want to openly share well-characterized pre-clinical chemical and biological compounds with scientists from around the world who seek straightforward access to molecules of highest quality, and to order tool compounds and submit novel biology research proposals. Through this initiative, we believe that together we can accelerate research initiatives and enable new disease biology in areas of high unmet medical need.

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We hope to interact with scientists from around the world who share our passion for scientific excellence. We think that scientists who are focused on problem-solving, inspired by new discoveries and technologies, and eager to try out something new will find the right molecules on opnMe.

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All molecules on this platform have gone through a rigorous internal review process where we evaluated their quality and disease relevance. We have focused on molecules which are characterized by the high level of detail that we provide upfront to allow an independent assessment of their strengths. We believe our molecules are unique and target molecular pathways of relevance to human disease.



The opnMe transparency is two-fold. Not only in the profiles of our molecules where we provide a comprehensive pre-clinical data package for each of the compounds, but also in the transparency regarding the rights and obligations of the scientists who approach the portal, in particular with respect to intellectual property.



We aim to create a new way to help scientists validate their scientific hypotheses and independently publish their data. The opnMe portal will also provide an opportunity for scientists to advance science and to interact with Boehringer Ingelheim scientists if they wish. Ultimately, we hope to increase their network and experience.