What is the timeframe between order and shipment of the requested molecule?

The compound will normally be shipped within 2 weeks of an order being placed.

Are there any direct costs for molecule supply?

No. Boehringer Ingelheim covers all compound, shipping and import costs associated with the provision of these research compounds.

How much molecule can I order?

5 mg of molecule compound, in solid form, will be shipped. On occasion, we may be able to supply larger quantities of compound upon special request and a discussion of the intended research plan.

How to dissolve the opnMe molecules when they arrived at my laboratory?

All our compounds available on opnMe.com are soluble in pure DMSO @ 10mM, and can be stored in solution for several months @ -4°C to -20°C. This solution can be used for your dilutions in your different assays. Please, keep in mind that the remaining quantity of DMSO in your assays depends on the dilution scheme you have used! For storage you can refrigerate our molecules as a solid stock @ 4°C for months without any risk of degradation.

Are the molecules’ pharmacological profile and structure available?

These compounds are released with a comprehensive data package describing potency on designated target, selectivity information versus other targets and pharmacokinetic characterization. The structure is available on the ordering page.

How are the molecules requested?

Molecules for order are normally released upon request without review or a research plan.

Is funding available to support preclinical proof-of-concept studies with these compounds?

These compounds are provided free of charge without additional funding to support experiments.

Will other external scientists be able to see my order?

No. All orders are handled internally by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Do I need to share the compound associated data with Boehringer Ingelheim?

There is no obligation to share the data; however, we would always welcome the chance to view interesting and novel scientific findings.

Who owns any potential IP arising from novel experimental observations?

In this case, Boehringer Ingelheim simply provides access to the characterized tool compounds and you are free to use them as experimental tools to probe biological mechanisms and, if appropriate, make new claims for therapeutic utility – all arising IP belongs to you.

Are the molecules suitable for in vivo proof-of-concept studies?

These tool compounds highly characterized with respect to potency, selectivity and pharmacokinetics. They are suitable for in vivo preclinical studies and guidelines are available to advise on species previously tested, dose selection, dose regimen and formulation.

Have the molecules completed preclinical safety assessment?

No. We aim to make unique tool compounds available at a very early stage as the biology is evolving; hence, the compounds will not have been subject to a comprehensive safety evaluation. They are provided as experimental tools for in vitro and in vivo studies and should be treated appropriately according to the practices within your institute.