Hep. C virus (HCV) NS5B polymerase inhibitor | BI 207127 (Deleobuvir)

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BI 207127
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Chemical structure

2D Structure of BI 207127


BI 207127 is a highly potent and specific inhibitor of genotype(GT)-1 HCV polymerase activity (IC50 = 50 nM) and of antiviral activity (EC50 values of 11 and 23 nM in cell-based replicon GT1b and GT1a assays, respectively). It shows weak or no inhibition in specificity assays that include poliovirus RdRp, mammalian DdRp II, and DNA polymerase α, β, and γ. Furthermore, its in vitro ADME and in vivo cross-species PK profiles are consistent with further progression into drug development. BI 207127 displayed good antiviral potency and tolerability in clinical trials of short-term treatment either as a single agent or in combination with pegylated interferon-α2a/ribavirin (RBV) in HCV GT1 patients. Moreover, the interferon-free combination of our NS3 protease inhibitor faldaprevir with BI 207127 and ribavirin has demonstrated high efficacy and good tolerability in GT1b treatment-naive patients in phase II clinical trials. However, efficacy against GT1a has proven suboptimal in more recent trials, leading to the discontinuation of the development of BI 207127 as an anti-HCV drug.

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Target information

HCV NS5B is an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase that is essential for the replication of the genome of the hepatitis c virus. BI 207127 inhibits the polymerase activity by binding to pocket 1 of the thumb domain of NS5B - the exact molecular mechanism of this allosteric inhibition is unknown.

Hepatitis C virus polymerase in complex with an inhibitor bound to thumb-domain pocket 1 (PDB code: 4gmc)

Hepatitis C virus polymerase in complex with an inhibitor bound to thumb-domain pocket 1 (PDB code: 4gmc)

In vitro Activity

BI 207127 is a highly potent and specific inhibitor of genotype(GT)-1 HCV polymerase activity (IC50 = 50 nM) and with antiviral activity (EC50 values of 11 and 23 nM in cell-based replicon GT1b and GT1a assays, respectively)

In vitro activity table

Probe name / Negative control

BI 207127


MW [Da]



IC50 [nM]a



EC50 [nM], replicon assay, genotype 1ab



EC50 [nM], replicon assay, genotype 1bb



a Enzymatic assay, HCV NS5B polymerase D21, SPA measuring 3H-UTP incorporation

b Cell-based replicon assay using RT-PCR for RNA quantification, genotype background 1a and 1b, Huh7 cells, 72 h incubation

In vitro DMPK parameters

Probe name / Negative control

BI 207127


Solubility @ pH 7 [µg/ml]


n. d.

CACO permeability @ pH 7.4 [*10-6 cm/s]


n. d.

CACO efflux ratio


n. d.

Hepatocyte clearance t1/2 [min], rat / human


n. d.

Plasma protein binding human [%]


n. d.

In vivo DMPK parameters

Summary of pharmacokinetic parameters for deleobuvir in plasmaa

Probe name / Negative control

BI 207127


t½ [h]



tmax [h]



Cmax [nM]



AUC0–inf [nMh]



F [%]



CL [ml/min/kg]



Vss [l/kg]



Cbrain,2h [nM]



CCSF,2h [nM]



a quantification by a validated LC-MS/MS method using synthetic standards

Two major metabolites of deleobuvir were identified in plasma: an acyl glucuronide and an alkene reduction metabolite formed in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract by gut bacteria (CD 6168), representing 20% and 15% of the total drug-related material, respectively. For additional details please see Chen et al. 6

Negative control




Co-crystal structure of the BI probe compound and the target protein

While the X-ray structure of NS5B in complex with BI 207127 was not solved, structures with other pocket 1-binding allosteric inhibitors are available (example: 4gmc.pdb; see section “Target Information”). A model of the NS5B:BI 207127 complex was built based on such structures (see reference 4 for details).


BI 207127 (deleobuvir) is a highly potent inhibitor of the enzymatic function of NS5B, the RNA polymerase of HCV, and of viral replication  (~20 nM).

Supplementary data


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