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07 January 2019

The University of Dundee announced today that a PROTAC compound developed at its institution is being made available free of charge by us through our scientific crowdsourcing platform opnMe.com.

11 December 2018

Earlier this year, we had asked you whether we should launch GSK-3 or Chymase inhibitor as the next molecule to opnMe.com? Eventually, the majority voted for GSK-3. However, subsequently several researchers have contacted us to inquire whether we would be willing to release our Chymase inhibitor as well?

19 Sept 2018

"A small step for us, but a big step to the research community"

We are happy to announce that we have added the first small molecule STEP (PTPN5) activator, BI-0314, that binds to the phosphatase domain and upregulates the catalytic activity of STEP to our opnMe.com portal.

04 June 2018

New ideas for molecules? He initiated the opnMe.com crowdsourcing platform - and received great reception. In a short period of time, hundreds of molecule orders and many new ideas for scientific research collaboration projects were received. #ResearchOnStage @BoehringerDE


04 June 2018

As of today, Boehringer Ingelheim offers you another well-characterized and potent inhibitor via opnMe.com: BI-4659 inhibits Alk5 which is also known as TGFβR1. Therapeutic approaches to inhibit TGFβ receptor I (TGFβRI/Alk5) signaling have been discussed for the treatment of several diseases such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and cancer.

17 May 2018

As an expert in your field, you may be excited to learn that Boehringer Ingelheim is now seeking novel disease hypotheses for its Complex I ROS modulators.

08 May 2018

Have you ever wondered what the connection is between two search items? With our BI Miner co-occurrence function, you have now a tool at hand on opnMe.com to answer your questions. All for free – no costs associated. For example, if you are interested in the role of BCL6 in cancer, type “BCL6” and “Cancer” into the search fields and select your source.

26 April 2018

Are you ready to take the next step with BI Miner on opnMe.com? An innovative search function allows you to search for compounds based on chemical structure.

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Christian Tidona

20 April 2018

Great move of @Boehringer to provide open access to its powerful search tool BI Miner

Check the post...

Have a look yourself and start to benefit today.

20 April 2018

We have now launched an updated and greatly expanded version of BI Miner on opnMe. Its mission is to save time and effort when performing online scientific queries as it combines several search modes into one single tool. The search engine works very intuitively and is pretty much self-explainable.