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21 February 2018

(“A problem shared”, Issue #218 / Feb 2018) features an interview with Adrian Carter, Corporate Vice President and Global Head Discovery Research Coordination, Boehringer Ingelheim. He talks about the strengths and merits of open innovation and crowdsourcing in the context of the pharmaceutical industry.

5 February 2018

We have released Boehringer Ingelheim’s well-characterized, potent and selective MMP-13 (Matrix metalloproteinase-13) inhibitor BI-4394 on opnMe.com.

18 January 2018

You will have free access to our unprecedented, potent and selective SGLT6 inhibitor in order to test your scientific hypotheses and identify novel diseases, indications or pathways linked to SGLT6.

20 November 2017

With opnMe.com, Boehringer Ingelheim shares well-characterized pre-clinical molecules with the scientific community.